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Strong Body - Humble Mind and Spirit

I am Simply Pure Fitness - 27 years experience in the health and fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Expert, and Owner - Operator of a Private - One to One Personal Training Studio, Author, Speaker and Lifestyle Coach.

I have created a Simple Smarter way that fitness works FOR you instead of you working for fitness by exercising according to who and where you are right now and taking one step forward toward the results you desire to last a lifetime.

Looking back I can see that my passion for becoming an expert in the industry was to learn how to help each individual get fit and maintain a lifestyle of being healthy throughout all seasons of the year.

The first part of my fitness journey I focused exclusively on weight loss and helping individuals maintain their results through a style of extreme goal setting and pushing to the point of exhaustion. It was a method I enjoyed doing and teaching in my 20’s and 30’s.


When I turned 38 my life’s priorities changed and so did my reasons for fitness. That year more than a few family traumas took place and health issues ranging from auto immune disorders, allergies, fibroids, fibromyalgia, anemia, eczema, psoriasis, digestive issues and more surfaced from within me.

For 7 years the stresses in my life kept my body constantly treading between catch 22 situations. What worked to mend one area usually caused another to flare up.


Eventually, I was afraid to do anything. My circumstances led to malnutrition with severe anemia and 4 blood transfusions.

It was unbelievable! Being in health and fitness for so long and I was not able to find enough strength and energy to make it through my day.


During this time and the steady creation of "Start and Maintain Your Exercise in Less than 5 Minutes" my strength, energy and health is thriving again.

Ultimately it was ONE EXERCISE that turned my "have to" perspective into a "want to" motivation. 

This exercise began strengthening my body immediately which gave me the energy and confidence to keep going.

As time went on I gradually added ONE more exercise to my routine which naturally began balancing my hormones, giving me a more restful night’s sleep for increased energy and the capability to take another step forward the next day.


Week after week my fibroids shrunk, fibromyalgia pain disappeared, allergies dissipated, digestive issues were relieved and my skin disorders mended.

Weight loss was not my focus but it too naturally found its healthier number on the scale and I am able to maintain this lifestyle no matter what kind of event life presents to me.


What makes this style of fitness different from my younger years of training?

Implementing specific exercises:  

“Goal Setting" exercises or "Inspiring" exercises.

When I needed confidence and lacked energy to keep going I practiced "Inspiring" exercises.  When I had more energy and strength I practiced "Goal Setting" exercises.


You too can learn these exercises.  The best part is they take 5 minutes or less and you can do them at home too.

I created a list of 10 "Fitness Working FOR Me, Effortlessly" consisting of different types of exercises and methods that were working effectively, efficiently and effortlessly for me. 

This list is still the foundation of my lifestyle success that continues to be my guide, especially when "life happens."

The body is created to heal, strengthen and self correct itself when given the proper environment. 

Everybody's journey is different and results will develop accordingly over time.  One thing I can promise is results within the first 7 days by practicing ONE "Inspiring" Exercise.  From there you and I will build your very own "10 - Fitness Working FOR You Effortlessly."

I also provide One to One Coaching by phone or virtually to help your mind adjust to the new perspective and clarity for your body to accept lifestyle changes.

Your mind has to change before your body will change.

Simply Pure Fitness is for all ages, sizes and fitness levels.

Contact me today and I will give you ONE "Inspiring" Exercise for a "want to" motivation and results this week!

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you feel your best for a lifetime!